Wisdom is sharing


Bloei! Training & Advice started from a desire to reach out to Christian educators that are inspired or led by the Christian values. By educators we mean those who work as teachers, mentors and parents, in a professional and in a family setting. How do we create a school, or a day-care where biblical principles come alive? A wide variety of training, coaching or mentoring, educators at home, day-care, schools and schoolboards are equipped to teach children wisdom, so they will flower.



High Light UK

In 2008 Sandra came in to contact with David Freeman. David is one of the founders of Christian School Trust (CST), they started working on a curriculum where Christ is the centre of every subject. For many years he was the head teacher of a school in Oxfordshire. All the experience has been made available for training. From 2010, David started to teach in other countries, like South Korea, Rwanda, India, Poland and Ghana and of course the Netherlands. He is now director of HighLight which equips and mentors Christian educators in 7 nations including the United Kingdom.

Highlight Holland in Bloei!

After reading David and Steve Thomas’ ’s book “Fighting the Secular Giants’, we connected and had the privilege to be trained by David. We can use all his material that is mainly written for schools and make it applicable for day-care also. Seeing opportunities for a continuous learning curve, a relationship of working together was born. Since 2016 we are competent to teach and train in the Netherlands and are working to translate all the material to our Dutch society and curriculum. So HighLight Holland in Bloei! (Flower) started.

By shining “HighLight” we long to see others “Blossom”

We believe that every educator (professional or relational) who wants Christ at the centre in the way he or she educates is, in fact, a significant (?)teacher.

A teacher for us is a person who contributes to the shaping of the next generation and is aware of this responsibility.