Wisdom is for children


We want to provide training, coaching and mentoring to educators, teachers and administrators in order to teach children Wisdom.

We believe wisdom is for children. We see that knowledge and skills are at the centre of education and society, but to know how to live life, you need wisdom.

Wisdom is for children. That is why we believe wisdom is the aim of all education and teaching. We need to learn to interact with each other and our surroundings with wisdom.

Highlight Holland in Bloei! is aiming for a society where knowledge and wisdom are in balance. The fruit will be that children are looking out for each other, stand up for the weak and take responsibility for their actions and choises.

The responsibility of educators is to teach and show wisdom. It will build and shape character, with the result that the children will grow and flourish. Home, school and daycare centres are the perfect fields to sow in our children. This is where the shaping of character takes place.

If we can teach our generation wisdom in order for them to flourish, there will be a harvest in every aspect of their lives, which will have an unmistakable influence in our society.

Wisdom is the ability to make the right choices under all circumstances, without self-interest.


Providing support to intergrade wisdom and building character in education.

Our mission is to add wisdom to the raising and teaching of children and teenagers. This gives new value to character development within education.

When we combine the building of character with subjects or areas of development, instead of keeping them separate, we increase the value of education. We want to provide parents, educators, teachers and administrators with support to make this happen.

By offering training, coaching and mentoring we equip educators, teachers and administrators in this workfield. So they will teach children wisdom in order for them to flourish. We do this all from a Christian perspective.


  • Laying a firm foundation to embrace life to the full by teaching wisdom to children in order for them to flourish
  • Equip educators to teach wisdom to children in order for them to flourish
  • Write and publish articles which address an educational or national problem;
  • Develop and offer training, workshops and seminars;
  • Mentoring leaders (educators, teachers and administrators) who want to let this new sound be heard.