Today, wisdom is a word that has fallen into oblivion.

It seems to be a word that no longer applies in the 21st century.

But what is wisdom? Why are great world leaders often praised for it?

And why is it the most searched after feature when we’re looking for leaders? Where do you find wisdom? When I look at society and especially at world leaders and legislation, I notice one thing. They are mainly self-directed and legislation is increasingly being drawn up without regard to the individual. While legislation that does not take the individual into account is not good legislation. We are all unique and every situation is different.  The way I am allowed to lead and do so with great satisfaction is to keep looking for what God wants. That alone allows me to put not my own interest first, but what He wants. And His will is good for all involved. Jesus teaches us that He is not seeking His will but that of His Father, which is why His judgment is just. For me, this is pure wisdom, knowing Him and seeking His will. Without weighing our own personal interest or our own point of view.

In 2010,I experienced that God wanted me to start a day care center. I had just had a consultancy for two years and worked for a number of Christian and regular nurseries, which made His plan more and more clear for me. Starting a nursery was not something I aspired to on my own, my desire to do what God asked of me was greater than my own ambitions..

The challenge was to find investors, because God asked something of me at a time when a major crisis was expected for daycare centers. Every bank closed its doors at that time for starters in this line off work. In the confidence that if this was God’s will and His plan, my husband and I decided to put our house up for sale and use the excess as the first investment. It took less than 4 weeks before we had a serious buyer, so we had to find a rental property very quickly. Because we made this step we found the building in which the nursery is now located.

However, our house was never sold, because two investors came our way. Gradually, one of the investors did not feel well. I was given the choice of what I was going to do.  The lease for the property was drawn up and could be signed. I could close my eyes to this feeling and not do anything with it, because I wanted everything to continue. Or I could do something with the risk that if one investor would be gone, the other would also withdraw.

From the certainty I had that starting this nursery was God’s plan and not mine, I knew that if He wanted it, nothing could stop it. So I informed the investor who didn’t feel well that I couldn’t go any further (with substantiation) and informed the first investor that I would do so. The latter indicated that he still had a good feeling about it. If I had played “safe” by relying on my own insights, I would have wanted to build God’s work on an incorrect foundation. He builds, and I see that over and over again.

Is wisdom the same as knowledge?

For the ancient Greeks, knowledge was the main road to zeal, the path to a good life reached you by the intellect. The more knowledge the more intellectual you were. 

But in Hebrew culture, wisdom is much more than the pursuit of intellect. Wisdom is practical first of all. Wisdom is built  on Divine principles of right and wrong. These principles must be observed in everyday life, in all dimensions of personal relationships. Biblical wisdom is to apply your knowledge of God and His will to the choices you make in life.

Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge correctly. It begins with the ability to see and evaluate life through God’s eyes.

It is God’s desire for us to acquire wisdom by knowing Him from a personal relationship. God is a Person who longs for relationship with us, knowing Him is the beginning of wisdom. It is God’s desire to let us all share in His wisdom.

So what should be the purpose of education and education?  In many translations, Proverbs 4 speaks about “Instruction of a Father”. In the NBG translation it says “Admonition to Wisdom”. Be wise, we often say.  Remarkably, the title is Instruction of a Father, not a shepherd or teacher. It is from an educator and this emphasizes the relationship necessary to live wisdom. The purpose of education and education should be to teach children wisdom from relationship.

Why is it important to put wisdom as the main goal in every form of education and education? Because there’s life in wisdom!  Life as God intended. Wisdom asks us to give our lives back to God, so that He can give it back to us even more full. Then we are able to live wisdom for it. At home, on the group and in class.

In my next blog I will share about wisdom in love: how do we fill a group or the class our home with the love of God?

Want to read more about wisdom in the Bible?

Proverbs 4:5 state; Gain wisdom, gain insight, remember, and do not deviate from the words of my mouth.

In Proverbs 4:8 it says: The beginning of wisdom is, acquire wisdom

Psalm 111:10 says: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, have a good understanding of all who exercise them.

Proverbs 2:6:

For the Lord gives wisdom, knowledge and wisdom come from His mouth.

by Sandra Vijber